Commercial Design

Tranquil Waters Design PC:

434 Rappahannock Drive

White Stone, VA



Member - United States AGreen Building Council

Additions / Remodeling

Every year, Tranquil Waters Design assists homeowners with remodeling their existing homes.  Whether creating more space when needed with additions or just reorganizing and improving the original house, we follow the same green design principals that guide us in new construction.  Staying in place or buying and updating an existing home or commercial building is an important first step toward sustainable design, because it conserves land and materials  We use the USGBC ReGreen Program and the ReGreen Residential Remodeling Guidelines to create the healthiest, most energy efficient and environmentally responsible designs for our clients.



Commercial / Public Projects

We have designed many commercial and public projects, most located in Delaware.  Although we reduced our size when relocating from Delaware to Virginia, we maintain a healthy relationship with larger engineering and architectural firms, thereby continuing to offer architectural services for larger commercial and public projects.


Commercial Building Design